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Ijuuin Enzan and Dark Blues
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You must discover the truth for yourself, only then will you recoverCollapse )

((Dark Enzan is evil once more and back in control. Huzzah for the bad guys! Erm. *cough* Yeah...))


Totally PG this time. Just a monologue that's been stuck in my head.


*looks exhausted* Okay, I think I've lost the Dark Blueses.

I owe a few apologies and a few explanations, and I have no idea how long I have control. And yes, I'm technically the Dark one, *winces* but I'll explain if you want to hear.

OOCly so I can establish everything this Enzan and Blues know, since they will likely get in a lot of fights. Being evil and all.

HereCollapse )


Dark Blues carried the younger Enzan in from another part of the Nexus to where they were currently staying. Still holding the boy, he called out. "Enzan?"
"Yes?" Enzan poked his head out from their portal and came through. "Who's that?" he asked, eyeing his alternate with obvious distaste.
"He happens to belong to my alternate. I believe we should return him," Dark Blues smirked. "He's willing to be, right at the moment."

Current Location: Nexus, outside the AV-Field

Wrote this up and liked it so much I decided to make it true for them. Either that or the idea had just been stuck in my head too damn long. Posted over from my OOC journal.

Warnings: Um. Yaoi. DarkBlues/DarkEnzan, dur. R to be safe.

Link is here.

R, so no, link is probably not worksafe.

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Warning: two fair-sized images. (320x240)

Posted from OOC journal. If you have an opinion please comment there so I don't get confused running around and journal-flipping.

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