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Red and Black

no need for blue

Ijuuin Enzan and Dark Blues
5 February
((Roleplaying concept journal, purely a for-fun concept. Original characters by Capcom.))

Mun's Note (OOC): This is what happens when you get an idea late at night that entails 'hey, we have so many versions of this character, why not an evil one?' In no way meant to be taken seriously.

Basic Rundown: The split here occurred during Axess. The Dimensional Area did not get knocked down. Instead of activating the Dark Chip as he slotted it in, Enzan took it from Netto and went back into Cross Fusion, using it himself. The result corrupted both he and Blues, although allowing him to delete ShadeMan, and Netto and Anetta barely escaped. Five years later, the war between humans and Darkloids still goes on with no end in sight.

Enzan is 17, and shows signs of the Dark Chip in his demeanor even out of Cross Fusion. He is not crazed, but there is a subtle edge to him that makes him seem dangerous, and he is. It was discovered that the Dark Chip only had a negative, addictive effect when the concerned Navi lost a battle after using one. The others take them with no ill effects. Blues was not forced onto his full Darkloid form, but instead accepted it willing. The two make a dangerous team, and are likely working toward their own goals behind Nebula's back.

Note: The actual Enzan and Blues are still in there, submerged. There may be a future plot that temporarily brings them out, but they will return and likely always be evil. Enzan is weaker than his Dark self because he was sick and growing weaker when he took the chip, which was one reason he did. However, the Dark Chip has negated the sickness in his body, though he will suffer some symptoms again when he struggles to the surface at intervals. These will only be from the Dark Chip withdrawl, as it has effectively cured him of that.